Game 1 - Of New Beginnings

The Brotherhood of the Den formed at the cellar stay of the Rat’s Tale Inn on some Tuesday of mild temperatures along the coastal buffs of Sandpoint.
Flint showed you ‘round as the scurvy patrons leered your way from their foamy mugs and soupy broths. And not long after donning your newly ordered capes (labeled Den bros in superhero fashion) did you set sail to your first adventure: the rescue of Sir Tinkles.

Well, not without some fun along the way, that is. Perusing the Tuesday market you found a particularly sturdy cloth of Desert make and made quick work of it in the form of monkey see, monkey do; or, in this case, monkey see, monkey grab.

Rendezvousing in an alleyway, the party continued forth to Grandmother Ellen’s home of Eastern Sandpoint, debating the method of which Sir Tinkle’s rescue should come in until suddenly the cat telekinetically drifted downward to a safe plop on the ground. The Shardmind, Kur, made easy work of such fancies.

And just as you had came, Grandmother sent you off with freshly baked goods and a small coin reward, only to be met by a group of thugs demanding that ‘they had seen the posting first’ about the job. Setting a reputation for yourselves and siding with Grandmother (of whom you promised Thursday brunch with) you quickly dwindled their very egos by sending them rushing away empty handed, and empty-everything-else. They were members of The Hand, led by Mifflin, a young Captain.

As nightfall approached, you weighed your options, deciding to venture forth to Heritage near the borders of the Everbright forest after learning of The Hand’s planned ambush of a caravan en route in that direction. You warned the Jewelers of a shady Halfling’s plans, of which you learned when investigating a local husband’s disappearance, to seize the fresh shipment of raven-gems. Klaus, the Vampire, swooned a woman for a date. That sly pervert.

Head strong and horseback you made your departure East to Heritage, setting out of coastal groves through thinning forests and eventually into the sandy deserts of Heft.

We left with our Tiefling Assassin taking a Thri-kreen to the side, toppling him and his horse in an ambush of Mantis poachers and their Mongoose-humanoid arching leader.

Cp2209 thri kreen

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